A downloadable game for Windows

Created for the Retro Game Jam 2019, hosted by IGDA Chicago. 

In E-I-UFO you play the intrepid alien rescuing the poor farm animals from their hostile farmer captor!   Rescue as many animals as possible before twilight and before the farmer shoots you out of the sky!

Arrow keys (or Atari Joystick) move the ship  

Left-Control (or or Atari Joystick button) engages the tractor beam

To rescue animals:

  1. Pilot the ship overhead
  2. Catch them in the tractor beam
  3. Pull them out to the safety of the sky so they can be brought on board.

A game created during the Retro Game Jam 2019, hosted by IGDA Chicago. 

Programming: Ben Van Citters

Art: Edgar Espino and Sunnie Farrar

Music & QA: Ezekiel Pearson


Jam 20 MB
BugFixes 20 MB

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